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Antique Ink Bottles

Antique Ink Bottles

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Trio of antique Victorian stoneware ink bottles.

A great little set of antique ink bottles with brown glazes. The set includes a cute extra tiny bottle and a conical shaped bottle.

The bottles are ideal for displaying small cut flowers or just grouped on a shelf. The opening of one of the bottles is large enough to fit a trimmed taper candle.

Dating to the Victorian era, these little pots and bottles would have once contained writing ink. They would have been corked and sealed with wax. After use they were discarded - only to be found decades later at the Victorian bottle dumps around the country and repurposed as decorative pieces for modern homes.

Wonderful antique condition with countless knocks, chips, marks and imperfections all adding up to a hugely characterful trio of Victorian stoneware ink bottles.

The conical ink bottle is approximately 9cm tall and 6cm diameter across the base. The smallest is 4.5cm tall and 3cm diameter across the base.

All our pieces have a past and may feature age-related marks which we believe add to their charm. If you have any questions about this item or would like to see further photographs, please do get in touch.

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